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Book a collection
Think that youíre ready for a collection?

We arrange courier collections for the majority of our schools. However, for very small, remote schools a freepost collection might be appropriate. Go to freepost if you think that this applies to your School.

Please take a look at the checklist below to see if you fit our courier collection guidelines:
  • I have printer cartridges and/or mobile phones for recycling
  • I have enough items to fill at least one standard box (approximately the size of a microwave/TV)
  • The building where the items are will be manned for at least one designated 2hr period Monday to Friday
If you can say yes to the above then please prepare your items for collection in the following way:
  • Remove all excess/bulky packaging from printer cartridges/mobile phones
  • Reuse carrier bags to keep mobile phones and printer cartridges separate (so mobiles donít get inky)
  • Reuse cardboard boxes to parcel items up to keep your Collect4School box in School if possible
  • No fax rolls, toner bottles or house phones to be included please as we canít recycle them (if youíre not sure what some of your items are then contact us )
  • Tightly seal your parcels with plenty of sticky tape so that they donít split in transit
  • Download and print our address label to stick on your parcels and record on the outside of your parcels the number youíre sending e.g. Box 1 of 2

Ready to schedule a collection? If you are unsure then please contact us

The free Collect4School scheme has ended, we are no longer making collections.

Call for more information: 01522 888629