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Q. What is Collect4School?
A. Collect4School is a simple fundraising scheme for schools. Schools collect empty printer cartridges and old mobile phones for recycling and are paid by Collect4School for items that can be reused.

Q. Why should we join the Collect4School scheme?
A. 3 out of 4 homes have printers and when you take into account the numbers of office printers too, the UK uses a lot of printer cartridges. In fact, 31 million plastic printer cartridges a year are thrown into UK landfill sites. They take hundreds, even thousands of years to biodegrade! Many printer cartridges can be cleaned and reused and so this is such a waste – plus, damage is being done to our environment.
Most of us replace our mobile phones every 18 months but they have an average life span of 8 years. Because of this, about 90 million phones are currently unused in the UK. This too is a waste. They contain dangerous substances and shouldn't be left unused for too long. Instead, they could be patched up and sent to a developing country, making a huge difference to someone else's life.
Collect4School is just one of the ways in which you can do something to limit this kind of technological waste and damage being done to the environment whilst teaching your pupils sustainable living habits and global citizenship skills. We pay you for cartridges and mobiles that we can recycle, so school funds benefit too.

Q. How does the Collect4School scheme work?
A. We provide you with a collection box. You simply put it in a prominent place and ask pupils and staff to deposit their empty cartridges and old mobile phones into it. Please make sure that mobile phones are sealed in a bag so that they can't get inky! We can also provide small collection bags for pupils to take home if needed. When your collection box is full go to book a collection and we’ll arrange a free collection of your items. We pay you for each item returned that we can recycle. It costs nothing to be involved in the scheme.

Q. How do we know which cartridges to collect?
A. You simply collect all types of printer cartridge. We can pay you for the ones that can be refilled and resold. Unfortunately, as of yet not all cartridges can be refilled and sometimes the cost of refillling some is equivalent to the costs involved in the collection and recycling process.
We take all cartridges you collect to our Recycling centre to be sorted. We will then pay you varying amounts for those which can be refilled. The rest will be recycled into other plastic products. Inside the login section there are price guides detailing which cartridges we can pay you for and how much we can give you for those cartridges.

Q. How do we know which mobile phones to collect?
A. You can send us all types of mobile phone (with the chargers if you have them). If the phones can't be reconditioned and sent to developing countries, they will be broken down into their component parts and disposed of safely.We can pay you for any phones that can be reconditioned and hence have a new life. Inside the login section there are price guides detailing which mobile phones we can pay you for and how much we can give you for those phones.

Q. Do you only recycle printer cartridges and mobile phones?
A. At the moment we specialise in recycling printer cartridges and mobile phones (with their accessories). So please don't include paper, photocopier toner bottles, fax rolls or ribbons of any kind. Please don't send home or office landline phones as we can only recycle mobile phones.

Q. How many collection boxes can we have?
A. Most schools request one or two boxes. Often just one box positioned in your I.T. room or main reception area will be sufficient. We can send you more if you require them. Some schools have one collection box for each class or year group to encourage healthy competition. The collection boxes are colour printed and so we ask that you keep the collection boxes in school and recycle other boxes to send your items back in. This saves resources.

Q. How big is the Collect4School collection box?
A. The Collect4School box measures 63cm high by 36cm by 36cm. It arrives flat-packed and is easy to assemble. It also includes a lid and a headerboard with pockets which can be used to distribute leaflets about Collect4School or small collection bags.

Q. How can we promote the scheme?
A. Our web site provides many resources to help you with this and our staff are always ready to give you advice if you
contact us.
The web site contains pre-prepared letters to distribute to parents and school posters that you can download, print and photocopy. We have suggested ideas for newsletter bulletins and there are downloadable certificates on our site to give to pupils who put a lot of effort into recycling.
We can also supply you with self-seal collection bags (approximately A5 size) that pupils can take home to make it easy and mess-free for them to bring their empty cartridges and old mobile phones into school.
We have downloadable pre-prepared letters to local businesses and the press that you may find helpful in making the wider community aware of Collect4School and how they can become involved.

Q. We’re only a small school, is it worth joining the scheme?
A. Yes, we can pay you for the items you return whether you send 1 box or 10 boxes! The average school collection raises £50. We write cheques for all amounts over £10 – if you’re unlucky and don’t raise this on one collection then your money from this collection will be included in the cheque for your next collection.If you're a small school, the secret to making your scheme a real success is to get parents to sign up for the associated Collect4 schemes so that parents can also collect from colleagues in the workplace and contribute towards school funds.

Q. What is Collect4?
A. Collect4 is a group of fundraising recycling schemes. Collect4School is one of them. The Collect4 site is where interested parents should look if they want to recycle at work on behalf of your School. They can set collection points up in the workplace and if they manage to collect a lot of items we’ll collect direct from their premises so that nothing has to be brought into school.
Items that they collect are added to your School account and they’ll receive a statement. We can talk to interested parents on your School's behalf if you'd rather not have the extra admin, or we can provide you with more collection boxes and you can coordinate the parents' collection efforts yourself.
Collect4 is operated by Johnson Recycling Ltd. A licensed broker and carrier of waste. Offices in UK and Sweden